1984 the logic in lunacy essay

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1984 the logic in lunacy essay

The face of Big Brother is everywhere. Winston pours himself a large drink and sets about to commit an act punishable by death — starting a diary.

He believes he is fortunate because a small corner of his apartment is hidden from the telescreen — a device that allows him to be viewed and heard twenty-four hours a day by the authorities — or Big Brother.

Here is where he begins the diary. In his panic, he begins to write a stream-of-consciousness account of a recent trip to the movies.


While writing this, he has a memory of a significant happening earlier in the week, in which he was simultaneously attracted to and repelled by a young woman working in his building.

He felt as though she was following him. He continues writing, this time with more substantive material about his feelings on the current environment in which he lives.

He is interrupted by a knock at the door. Analysis The opening image of the work sets the foreboding tone that prevails throughout as the reader is introduced to Winston Smiththe fatalistic protagonist of the novel, on a "cold day in April," when "the clocks were striking thirteen.

Juliathe dark-haired girl from the fiction department who, in this part, is described but, as yet, unnamedcauses him "to feel a peculiar uneasiness which had fear mixed up in it as well as hostility, whenever she was anywhere near him. Initially, he sees her as a symbol of social orthodoxy, that is, she possesses "a general clean-mindedness," an enthusiastic adherent to the Party line.

At the heart of the political orthodoxy that exists is the process of controlling human thought through the manipulation of language and information.

Crucial to manipulating the language and the information individuals receive are doublethink and Newspeak. Doublethink is the act of holding, simultaneously, two opposite, individually exclusive ideas or opinions and believing in both simultaneously and absolutely.

Doublethink requires using logic against logic or suspending disbelief in the contradiction. The act of doublethink also occurs in more subtle details. As Winston begins writing in the diary, he commits his first overt act of rebellion against the Party; he creates a piece of evidence that exists outside himself.

He is still safe because no one else knows of his thoughts or his act, but the reader shares the ominous mood created when Winston observes, "Sooner or later they always got you.

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This first chapter introduces the reader to a host of significant issues and images that become motifs that set the mood for and recur throughout the novel. The reader is not so subtlety drawn into a world of constant duplicity, manipulation, and surveillance. Big Brother, whose countenance purposely mirrors Stalin, and his pseudo omnipresence are introduced to the reader in the posters and on the telescreen.

Although he never appears in person, Big Brother is the dictator of record in Oceania, and the posters carry the caption "Big Brother Is Watching You," enhancing the menacing feeling of an evil environment.

Glossary varicose ulcer an ulcer resulting from an abnormally and irregularly swollen or dilated vein "varicose vein".George Orwell > Nonsense Poetry > Essay: Nonsense Poetry it is said, there is no nonsense poetry, and there is not a great deal of it even in English.

The bulk of it is in nursery rhymes and scraps of folk poetry, some of which may not have been of logic, but they are all alike in that their underlying feeling is sad. People aren’t meant to believe it; they’re meant to be intimidated by it.

1984 the logic in lunacy essay

The lie is not a claim about specific facts; the lunacy is a deliberate challenge to the whole larger idea of sanity. Once a lie that big is in circulation, trying to reel the conversation back into the territory of rational argument becomes impossible.

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The Logic in Lunacy - by George Orwell may seem like a run of the mill dystopian novel but the plethora of paradoxes and interwoven contradictions create a complex reading experience. Every single incongruity within the novel proves itself to be sensible and valid.

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