A report on my experience at the concert

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A report on my experience at the concert

Naturally, due to the greater costs of larger musical forces, the majority of concerts in the festival were for smaller ensembles. It was, nonetheless, impressive that the organizers of ISCM Vancouver were able to include several orchestras: And then there was the Vertical Orchestra, definitely not your conventional classical orchestra — but more about that in a moment.

VSO composer-in-residence Jocelyn Morlock introduced the evening, which began with the premiere of a re-write of her own composition, That Tingling Sensation. Every ISCM concert contains works that are chosen in advance by an international jury.

Bray explained that the imagery that prompted the music was a poem by the surrealist poet Dora Maar. The work had been commissioned by the German chemical company, BASF, to celebrate the restoration of a concert hall in Ludwigshafen, Kern's hometown.

Kern said he intended the work to exploit the acoustics of the hall. However, Kern shared another impetus for the work — namely the connection of BASF to the creation of synthetic indigo dye in the late 19th century. In fact, the celebratory nature of the work was uplifting in a broadly stated sense, and yet another take on colourful orchestration.

A highlight of the evening was the collaborative composition Pressed for Time, a sitar concerto jointly composed by the soloist, Mohamed Assani, from Pakistan and Vancouver composer John Oliver.

Oliver and Assani managed to create an attractive, effective work that was very well received — a true meeting of Hindustani classical music and Western orchestral composition, and a wonderful example of community-building.

Later in the festival on November 7, an orchestra of a very different nature performed at the Atrium of the Vancouver Downtown Public Library: As the audience entered the enormous atrium, the 18 electric guitarists were already positioned high up in alcoves lining the outer wall of the library atrium, tuning up their gear.

The air was filled with random frequencies, exactly as one might hear in a conventional hall where a classical orchestra is preparing to play. But in this case, the sounds of 18 electric guitarists were sending signals that bounced around the reflective surfaces of the space, producing a sort of audio halo that was at once chaotic and mesmerising.

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At the appointed time, all fell silent, and we were welcomed to the performance by Nobles, whose piece would be the first of the seven on the program. At Nobles' signal, the music began. From composition to composition, each composer's work played with the acoustics of the space, stringing a succession of contrasting sonic adventures with pieces by Nobles, Lisa Cay Miller, Alfredo Santa Ana, Rita Ueda, James Maxwell, Benton Roark and Tim Brady — all Canadian composers.

This report is part of a series of articles on thewholenote. David Jaeger is a composer, producer and broadcaster based in Toronto. · THACKERVILLE, Okla. - Fans are opening up about their terrifying experience at what was supposed to be a Backstreet Boys concert over the weekend.

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A report on my experience at the concert

This was a perfect opportunity to experience such a wide variety of music, which for the novice Jazz listener, was perfeCI. Jurassic World in Concert is a follow-up to the currently touring Jurassic Park in Concert, which has been presented by more than 50 orchestras to date, with sold-out performances in cities including London, Paris, Melbourne, Toronto, Taipei, and Philadelphia.

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