Amway banks on corporate campaign

The American and British intelligence communities had been aware since the spring of that some rebel units in Syria were developing chemical weapons.

Amway banks on corporate campaign

Bythere were significant drops in food self-sufficiency over the prior year period. Look first at cereals Table 1, column one.

The situation is even worse today. Other nations in Ibero-America not shownsaw drastic declines in basic grains self-sufficiency.

Other locations in Africa saw drastic declines in grain self-sufficiency. India has managed to stockpile as much as 40 million tons of grains as of year-endAmway banks on corporate campaign may undertake certain exports.

In Southeast Asia, wide annual swings in staple grains are also now common. But in several years since then, it has fallen back to rely on imports. Thailand, from which the cartel trading companies export many kinds of commodities corn, livestock feed, meat, processed foods, etc.

Grains supply is misleading However, restricting the food crisis to the metric of the grains supply situation is a deliberately misleading practice see below article which leaves out the essentials of the crisis that has come, over the past 30 years, to extend throughout the entire national agricultural sectors and food supply systems.

Many of these 15 nations also became supply-short and import-dependent, i. Also shown in Table 1 are pulses peas, beansoils tropical, olive, corn, or other vegetable fatsand milk including dairy products other than butter. Note the sharp declines in food self-sufficiency in non-grains diet staples.

Brazil became a source of soybean oil exports over this period - for the cartel companies. Egypt's self-sufficiency in pulses and oils declined. Nigeria, which had been a source of cartel tropical oils exports, experienced a decline as well.

October 2018

On the Indian Subcontinent of Asia, note the declines in Bangladesh's self-sufficiency in pulses and milk between and In Southeast Asia, various patterns are apparent. China remained relatively the same in self-sufficiency for these staples. And, likewise, Turkey and the former U.

Amway banks on corporate campaign

Overall, the increase in food import-dependency duringalthough hailed by United Nations officials and the commodities cartel-backed "experts" and others as reflecting geographical "competitive advantages," "consumers' rights to access world markets," or other such euphemisms, in fact, reflects the impact of successive years of International Monetary Fund IMF conditionalities and Bretton Woods policies, in which developing nations were denied the means to build up needed agricultural infrastructure energy, water, transport, handling, storage, processing to provide for national food supplies.

Over this period, nutrition levels have dropped in most countries, as nations were increasingly forced into food import-dependency.


At the same time, cartel commodities companies made a killing in profits off of their domination over both the export-import trade, and domestic food processing and distribution. The deficits in food supplies shown in the food self-sufficiency ratios in Table 1, are not measured against what people ought to be eating for a decent diet, but rather, merely show what part of their diet, however inadequate, is imported.

Look at what this means in the case of Mexico. Figures 5 and 6 show the drop in cereals self-sufficiency in Mexico from toand the drop in per-capita cereals consumption whether for direct consumption, or via the animal protein cycle over the same time period.the rest of the marketing mix.

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