Analysis of night mother

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Analysis of night mother

Jessie and Thelma have different strategies for this substitution, one creating through consumption, the other through preparation, but with close analysis through the lens of food advertising and psychological associations with food, love is found to be the driving motivation behind these preoccupations with food.

Thelma has a voracious appetite for sweets. This is apparent from the opening scene of the play. The stage directions read: Sweets for Thelma are a replacement for love. She latches on to the idea suggested by Jessie that she make hot chocolate and caramel apples.

If Thelma could just get Jessie to feel the same sense of love from food that she does, maybe she could save her. In Food is Love, a book about food advertising and gender roles, by Katherine J. Parkinthe concept that eating and preparing food could create love is attributed to savvy advertising companies.

Analysis of night mother

Thelma seems to buy into this concept, turning to sweets for love and companionship. She finds so much comfort in sweets that she puts them above people.

This inversion is intertwined with the fact that Thelma never loved her husband. She seems to have been quite young when she married him, and there is no mention of any other lovers, so it is safe to assume Thelma has never been in love at all.

She cannot even rely on the memory of love to sustain her, so she must consume even more food to fill that void. Gayle Poole discusses Mrs. Lusty and her food philosophies in Reel Meals, Set Meals Lusty, a table may just be a table and no more, food is more than mere food.

Lusty understands the world by ingesting as much of it as she can manage. She is very picky about what she consumes and has absolutely no use for nutritious foods. For Thelma, the consumption of food is not about sustaining herself for a longer life.

It is all about distracting herself and trying to make the life she does have a little sweeter. Jessie only consumes a single taste of hot chocolate over the course of the entire play.

But Jessie cannot find that passion for food, or for anything in fact. The only thing Jessie does show some liking for is smoking. She claims Cecil left her for refusing to quit and describes her relationships with cigarettes thus: This is a very purposeful choice made by Norman, because smoking is highly destructive, yet it is this what Jessie finds solace in.

The gun also serves as an symbol of food replacement. She always orders the groceries, stocks the cabinets, and cleans the kitchen.

This is partially another way that Jessie attempts to claim power. Not only does she use it to exert control, Jessie also uses the preparation and procurement of food to fill a void left by lack of love. Instead of eating being a way of feeling love within oneself, shopping for and preparing food is a way to show others that they are loved, and hopefully receive love from them in return.

This is the idea behind leaving him her watch. Even Jessie, the girl with zero appetite, tries her best to create and display love with food. She knows that asking Thelma for the hot chocolate will calm her down and give her something to do, but she also is testing her statement that if there was something she really liked, it might be worth staying alive for.

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Essay my mother sacrifice story Essay my mother sacrifice story theology short essay 3a nationalsozialismus oder hitlerismus beispiel 'Night, Mother Summary & Study Guide Description 'Night, Mother Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book.

This study guide contains the following sections. · 6. SPECTACLE - Encompasses the visual aspects of production: scenery, costumes, lighting, makeup, properties, and the overall look of the theater and stage. State what “spectacle” elements could be utilized in a production of ‘Night  · The Night Mother (also known as the Blood Flower or the Lady Death) is the bride of Sithis, the Dread Father of the Dark Brotherhood.

Those who wish to have someone assassinated pray to the Night Mother by performing the Black Sacrament, and she Marsha Norman s night, Mother illustrates a central point about the nature of what creates drama in a play: the anticipation of an outcome.

In this case, that means that Mama, and the story's audience, learns early on of Jessie's plans. And because of learning Jessie's plans, both Mama and Marsha Norman's use of constructs, revelations, and the idea of health aids in controlling the intensity of '"Night mother." Character constructs create for the audience characters' standards.

Revelations introduce to the audience the problems confronting the character. The charac

A Brief Analysis of Marsha Norman's Night Mother Essay