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Brian hennessay lawyer

Out of all the current and past US military bases in the city Camp Stanley has housed more Soldiers than any other: I could not however find the reason why this camp was named after someone killed in World War II. If anyone knows please leave a comment.

For those that have been stationed at Camp Stanley before, the above image of tent city is starkly different from what has been built on the camp today.

In this aerial photo from the rice paddies that still surround the camp to this day can be seen: This next image from shows how much development took place in less then 10 years with all the tents replaced with quonset huts and other permanent buildings: From Camp Stanley you can sometimes hear the prisoners singing songs and cadence from the prison.

The picture below is of Camp Stanley as viewed from Surak Mountain that show the rice paddies in front of the camp: The Uijongbu Prison is easily seen due to its distinctive blue roof.

Camp Stanley also has a distinctive tree lined road that leads to its side gate that goes right by the prison. While driving up the road the prison can easily be seen: The base is located in the southeastern corner of the city and since it is surrounded by mountains and rice paddies it is unlike other bases 2ID where it has not consumed by the urban sprawl.

There has been talk in the past about closing Camp Stanley, but I think as long as 2ID remains north of Seoul this camp will remain open due to its size and location that is not a burden on the local community.

Here is the north entrance to Camp Stanley from the road leading up to the camp past the prison: Compared to the earlier image the gate to the camp has changed a bit over the years.

Brian hennessay lawyer

While driving down the highway there are some really nice views of Suraksan Mountain that can be seen: Here is the eastern gate into Camp Stanley as seen from Highway The Highway 43 gate is primarily used for military vehicles to enter the installation from.

Here is a view looking inside of Camp Stanley: Here is a view of some of the barracks buildings on the camp: Here is a picture of the old PX building which has been turned into a education center: Right next to the old PX building is the new building that was opened back in The new Camp Stanley PX when it opened was quite nice and I was surprised by how big it was considering the size of the camp plus the fact that other nearby installations were all being closed out back in Well the employees at the PX found other people to sell the merchandise to as the Camp Stanley PX would have the distinction of operating one of the largest blackmarketing rings in the country that was finally broken up in Here is the view looking to the east from the PX which on a clear day has quite a nice view of the nearby mountains across the valley filled with rice paddies: Here is the view from the PX looking up the hill towards Surak Mountain where one of the few quonset huts on Camp Stanley is still visible: Near the bank is the post chapel: Near the church there is also a small theater on the camp: Across from the PX is the commissary which now has this map posted on it in case somebody some how gets lost on this small post: This commissary in the past has been recognized as the best small overseas commissary in the US military: This commissary is actually pretty good because my wife and I found the customer service to be outstanding and the employees very friendly: For being a small commissary the shelves were stocked with most items Americans would want to buy, but my only gripe like with many other commissaries in Korea is that the blackmarketing was easy to spot: All in all though by 2ID standards Camp Stanley is pretty nice installation though it is much quieter now compared to past years when it was home to artillery and aviation units.

Likewise Stanleyville has also died down with the exit of all those combat arms soldiers. The ville also has some apartments for families to live in for those thinking about bringing their families to Korea. The few that I have seen were pretty rundown and I almost had to have one soldier move out of his apartment until the landlord agreed to fix some safety issues.

For those that have lived in Stanleyville please leave a comment and let everyone know what you thought about your time living there? Likewise if you have been stationed on Camp Stanley please share your thoughts about the camp in the comments section. The final picture once again from Bruce Richards site is an aerial picture of what Camp Stanley looks like today: The Uijongbu Prison can be seen on the top of the picture.

The fields of rice that could be seen in the earlier images, like I said before are still visible today around Camp Stanley and are worked by the prisoners housed at the correctional facility.Best Sample Essays, Free Research Papers, Dissertation Samples. Email influences individual’s lives at home and at work.

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