Budget detail

What is your direct cost base?

Budget detail

Budget detail

A budget is a plan, roadmap, or a tool used by managers to ensure that quality and cost-effective services are provided to patients. In particular, nurse managers use budgets to monitor personnel and supply costs. It is important that nurse managers are familiar with the different types of budgets, specifically the operating budget, because it is the nurse manager who is closest to the patient and knows exactly what is needed to provide care and services.

The operating budget is a plan to monitor anticipated day-to-day activities, resources, personnel, and supplies, typically over a one-year period Finkler, Each nursing unit is considered a cost center and has an operating budget.

It is important to note that nursing services are included in the overall charges of room and board and nursing costs are not considered revenue producing Graf, The major components of the operating budget include revenues and expenses: Revenue is based on charges and is the money the organization will receive for a patient visit, procedure, or inpatient hospitalization from Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, private insurers, and self-pay patients.

Of course not all charges are paid in the full amount, depending if the charges were discounted or if the payer is Medicaid or Medicare. For a nursing unit, the revenues will be projected from patient days, average daily census, or procedures.

Expenses include the cost of staff, activities, supplies, and so forth in running the nursing unit. There are two main categories found in an operating budget: Employment costs include salaries and wages, including overtime, shift differentials, holidays, orientation, education, in-service, and benefits.

Salaries and wages consist of productive and non-productive time. Productive time is the actual hours that the employee works includes overtime hours and is based on hours 1 full time equivalent.

Productive time is the actual time worked minus vacation, orientation, and education hours during the year. Included in the category of salaries and wages are the following subcategories that you may find in a typical operating budget: This includes the amount of money spent on individuals who are not considered employees of the facility, i.

It is important that the nurse manager ensures that a charge nurse, scheduler, or payroll clerk maintains specific documentation in order to keep track of contract hours. This is because the money spent on contract labor is usually not posted in the month that the contract nurse worked due to billing cycles of the outside agency and facility.

Any orientation, in-service, and educational time that an employee uses is expected to be included by the nurse manager when preparing the budget.

Common benefits include vacation, holidays, and sick time. Vacation and holidays are earned and are considered an actual earned benefit.

Budget Estimate for Home Building.

Vacation time can be controlled and should be approved and monitored by the manager. Many organizations have policies and procedures addressing vacation time. For example, no more than two staff members in a unit can take vacation at the same time, or no vacation can be taken during a holiday week.

Holidays are also paid in the pay period that the holiday occurs. In addition, this category includes employment taxes, health insurance premiums the portion the organization paysand retirement contributions, if applicable.

The other main category found in the operating budget is non-salary expenses, which includes the following supplies and interdepartmental expenses: Any items staff members use to care for patients, including IV tubing, catheter trays, bandages, and thermometer covers.

Many of these supplies are bundled in the patient charges. Each nursing unit has an inventory of medical supplies that is stocked and restocked daily by central supply personnel. Products such as forms, paper clips, pencils, pens, and folders.Our mission is to reduce the burden of tobacco on our society.

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Budget detail

These documents represent budget scenarios that are made public by the named fiscal committee. For final budgets reflecting governor vetoes and/or lapses in funding that was dependent on the passage of other legislation that either did not pass or received a partial veto, see the Enacted Budgets page.

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