Casey heynes fights back

He wishes the whole thing never happened. This event is the latest example of the all too typical schoolyard bullying incident that involves a smaller kid, in this case Ritchard Gale, trying to impress some of his friends by picking on a bigger, more docile student- Casey Heynes.

Casey heynes fights back

They pushed just a little too far. Tens of thousands have posted their thanks. First, let me give you some background.

Casey is a slightly stout 15 year old from Sydney, Australia. In fact, at the start of this year, he could tell you exactly how many: His eight friends decided to save their hides and left him and Casey found himself all alone.

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Completely unprotected in the high school jungle, the beatings ramped up. And life was lonely. And then it happened. A pack of hyenas cornered him. What could be the leader pinned Casey against a wall, grabbed his shirt and gave him a right hook to the face.

He absorbed the punch probably just hoping for the moment to end. He then tried the hook again but Casey blocked it.

Then in a mocking boxer pose, the relentless bully gave a jab to the stomach. And, little did he know that it was one punch too many. Casey grabbed the smaller bully, wrestled for a moment, and then picked him up above his head in a move that Hulk Hogan would call impressive.

And threw down his tormentor, releasing years of anger and frustration. He later said he threw him down to end the confrontation and prepare for the inevitable assault from the friends. The rulebook had changed. They were the attackers. There was a stunned silence.

Casey turned around, while his tormentor tried to stand up shocked by the pain that was inflicted upon him for the first time, and noticed that he had trouble walking.

Casey walked away, probably thinking he had won a small battle, but thought of what would happen next. But it was over. His father notes that he walks taller now. And the world was watching. They can stand tall. Casey had won, and now millions are carrying him on their shoulders in victory.There's one thing to know about this fight.

The bully and his mate are part of a subculture here in Australia knows as Lads. Usually made up of mostly skinny white boys who listen to Hip-Hop and try to be big black men from the USA cities.


Fight It's been seven years since Casey Heynes suplexed his bully. It's still awesome. submitted Casey the Punisher! I love this freaking kid and the girl afterwards that told the bully's friend to back off. It was probably more due to the bigger kid's tendency to avoid conflict and fights.

"This kid won't fight back so I'm gonna. Mar 20,  · Heynes said he never fought back before, and wasn't planning to this time. But the "anger just built up." Heynes said Gale and his friends began teasing him two weeks prior to the fight. Casey Heynes breaks silence on bully video from Chifley College and thoughts of suicide Schoolgirl apologises to Saints players IN just one week, Casey Heynes went from having one friend to , The Japanese Giant Hornet is an abhorrent monstrosity that can spray flesh-melting poison and can rip apart 1, honeybees all by itself.

The Japanese honeybee doesn't really have a lot to its name. Casey Heynes (bullied kid fights back) il y a 7 ans K views. Félix GG.

Suivre. The video was shot at a school in Sydney, Australia.

Casey heynes fights back

After that, it was uploaded to YouTube and seen around the world in a matter of hours thanks to Facebook.

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