Essay precis writing

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Essay precis writing

Learn to shorten your words, text of written work, useful writing tips, essential thoughts, ideas or fact. They are 1 Reading, 2 Writing and 3 Revision.

Reading Read the passage carefully If one reading is not enough to give you a general idea of its meaning, then read it second time.

As you read, find out the subject or the theme of the passage and what is said about the subject.

Signs of Good Precis Essay

It will be a good thing if you find out the lead or the topic sentence. The lead sentence will help you to see the subject clearly. It will also help you to think of a title. Now comes the process of selection. Taking the main ideas of the passages as your point of reference, it should not be too difficult to write out the important points in the original in a corner of your writing work sheet.

The main thoughts expressed in the passage, the ideas it contains, the opinions presented and the conclusion arrived at should figure in the rough draft.

Unimportant things like the names of people and places and dates should not figure in it. It may so happen that your first draft is too long or that it sounds rather jerky. Shorten it if necessary and write out a careful second draft.

Revision When you have made your second or final draft, carefully revise it before writing out the fair copy. Look for any mistakes or slips in grammar or spelling and correct them. Fifty years ago only about million people lived in it.

But Earth has vast areas of forest, mountains and desert which are almost totally inhabited. On the other hand, it has great cities each with millions of people living in a few square miles.

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To feed the fast growing population of our earth, scientists and planners have to discover new ways to produce more. One possible way is to bring more land not under cultivation.

This can be done only in places where there is lot of land not used for productive purposes. In many places there is no longer possible all the arable land is already cultivated.

A second way is to make use of new types of seeds to produce more. Already a number of new strains of paddy and wheat have been developed in different parts f the world. India is one of the countries where a lot of useful work has been done in the field of agriculture research.

During the last fifty years, the world population has increased from to million. It is unevenly distributed with millions of people living in a few big cities. Scientists in India and abroad are, therefore, busy with agriculture research to find out new methods of increased food production to feed them all and they have already developed many new strains of paddy and wheat.What Is Narrative Prose?

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Essay precis writing

What does "Last Man Standing" Mean? Of the silent trilogy, Earth () is Dovzhenko’s most accessible film but, perhaps for these same reasons, most misunderstood. In a Brussels’ film jury would vote Earth as one of the great films of all time. Earth marks a threshold in Dovzhenko’s career emblematic of a turning point in the Ukrainian cultural and political avant-garde - the end of one period and transition to another. provides only high-quality essays, because our writers have PhDs and Masters degrees, top writing skills, and vast amounts of experience.

Also, we check every paper for plagiarism. Write a precis of the article in which you state the entire argument and present the logical progression (the development) of the argument.

encapsulate everything from a long narrative passage of an essay, to a chapter in a book, to the entire book itself, summaries can be tremendously helpful.

Précis Writing Tips and Example for SBI PO Descriptive Paper

*Writing Degree Zero* is one of those page books you need a page book to really understand. You know you're in trouble when, like me, you find yourself having a problem fully comprehending even the `explanatory' preface. Updated February “You have to make choices even when there is nothing to choose from.” ― Péter Zilahy.

And you have to find perfect hooks for an essay even when you don’t know what to write about.

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