How to write a graphic novel script

On Characters I like to use a character background spreadsheet to fill out the details of each individual character I have. Before you decide to write dialogue for this person, make sure you give them a reason for using that voice.

How to write a graphic novel script

November 23, 6 Comments As mentioned in a recent postI am in the process of writing a graphic novel.

how to write a graphic novel script

This post will look at the actual process that I have been using to write the script for my graphic novel. It began during a conversation with a friend—a very long conversation in which we developed an idea.

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That idea lingered in my mind for a few weeks, taking root, until I jotted down a few notes about it. The types of things I wrote down were extremely macroscopic—the global view of my story.

Where is the story taking place? What is that world like?

What Went Right

I was painting the background of my story canvas. As I look back at them now, those notes have very little to do with my story as it presently exists that is, the details are too broad in their scope to be useful in any specific part of the scriptbut writing down my ideas was an important step in the story-development process.

It allowed me to contextualize my story, and to move on to the next stage, which was to develop some characters. I will pause here to say that I could have done things differently.

Instead of focusing on characters at this point, I could have concentrated on plot. I could have mapped out the plot of my story in full, and then developed characters to fit that plot.

The reason for this is simple. If the plot is the central aspect of the story, and the characters are created by the writer merely as a means of acting out that plot, then the characters may not only be two dimensional, but may also do things that are out of keeping with their character.

Character-first-plot-second is, for me, a preferable strategy.

how to write a graphic novel script

Of course, these characters can and almost certainly will change later on, or may be nixed entirely and replaced with someone better. The important point is that developing or perhaps, discovering your characters early allows you as the writer to make the most of them. We all have personality traits, and because of those traits, we make decisions I am more likely to be kind to children than to cuff them; it is more probable that I will wash a dirty cup than dash it against the wall.

However, as we go through life our plot, so to speakwe change subtly over time. For dynamic characters, it may be the same. All that to say that I developed a list of potential characters for my story.

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Depending on the nature of the story that you are trying to tell, these characters may be tropes that is, ready-made charactersor they may be super-original.Mar 08,  · Writing my Graphic Novel Script.

March 8, March 16, I started writing the script for Solstice and so far it’s about four pages altogether. It’s definitely been a challenge because it’s so different from prose writing and I have to concentrate on how it will work visually.

Remember that this is an outline and not a full script, so even if you don’t know what’s going to happen four issues from now, the important thing is to write one-sentence ideas outlining what needs to happen to carry the story forward. A major barrier for aspiring comic writers can be a simple question of how to lay out the script.

One solution is to look at how others have done it, go to your own collection of graphic novels and see how it’s been done before. Aug 03,  · Hi there, I have a few questions regarding writing a graphic novel.

First of all, I just want to say that I have an idea of the story and I definitely have the main character drawn out in my head, so I am still in the planning stages. ComiXwriter launched a Kickstarter campaign in June of to fund development costs for what it calls “the first software solely dedicated to writing scripts for comic books and graphic novels.” It promises to include features such as the ability to make notations on the page and automated pages, panel numbers, spacing, etc.

that allow. Teacher’s Guide Whether you are an English, Creative Writing or Art teacher, Librarian, Scout Leader, or Parent, YOU can help encourage your students, child or troops to do a graphic novel.

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