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Knowledge and heritage

To access the Tourism and the Economy Fact Sheet and other material highlighting the impact of travel in Minnesota, visit the Tourism Awareness section of the website.

Knowledge and heritage

This website is the go-to place to learn about ways that you can get involved in tourism promotion and marketing opportunities or dig into a wealth of research and reports on things that explain the impact of tourism on the economy, along with trends and facts and figures.

We will keep this site up-to-date with training opportunities, and timely information on issues that may affect you. Be sure to check out the Featured Programs page, where we will post the most relevant, timely items that may be of interest to you.

If you have an upcoming conference or industry event that could be of interest to this audience, or if you have a question or comment for Explore Minnesota Tourism please contact us. The annual event will return to the InterContinental Hotel for educational sessions and exciting networking opportunities.

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Through Knowledge Vault, you can connect with our community and post questions or issues for input and insight from everyone within the community. The World Bank Disaster Risk Management Hub’s Knowledge Program on Resilient Cultural Heritage and Tourism is working with partners, including the Government of Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs (ACA), Prefectures of Hyogo and Kyoto, UNESCO, and Ritsumeikan University, to help countries engage key knowledge, expertise, and approaches from.

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