Lighttpd rewrite all requests for

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Lighttpd rewrite all requests for

Use these Nginx rewrite rules to get your next CodeIgniter project up and running. If you are a CodeIgniter enthusiast, you know that finding rewrite rules for Apache htaccess file is relatively easy, but doing the same for Nginx rewrite rules is not all that simple.

The rules that follow are from my original article: CodeIgniter htaccess for Apache and are an exact translation into Nginx rewrite rules. Using the rewrite rules at the server level vs within location block is also key in their proper functionality, certain rules will not work properly otherwise.

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Additionally, for those who may have subdomains, adding the subdomains to the list if enforcing www will safely exclude those subdomains from being redirected. The key benefit of a Canonicalized URL is that your search engine page ranking page juice is not spread across several pages, but instead, targeted to a single page.

In your CodeIgniter project you will typically have a default controller and you will be able to access this controller at the following URLs: These next set of rewrite rules prevent this: Notice that I also use a redirectthis aids in maintaining or passing any existing search engine ranking page juice to the final redirected page.Mar 24,  · Rewrite rules for the lighttpd webserver.

15 Aug , Hello, I deployed imagevue X3 on a lighttpd webserver with the following rewrite rules: What you are requesting, it to not have a home page at all, and instead redirect all requests to the homepage, to your wedding page.

lighttpd, allow “Access-Control-Allow-Origin:*” headers on the server status page November 29, 1 minute read by gubatron Maybe there’s someone out there who needs to read the output of lighttpd’s status for monitoring purpose like me tonight, and also, like me, you want to do this using JavaScript, but your browser gives you this.

have activekb running on this server, and I have the rewrite rule of (in apache): This is what it says: # Using PHP 5 in module mode RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} categories.*. HTTP requests to lighttpd must use DOS (\r\n) line endings, not Unix (\n).

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lighttpd accepts requests to pages without a leading /, Apache, NGINX and IIS all reject . Lighttpd Reverse Proxy.

lighttpd rewrite all requests for

This site was previously served via lighttpd using fastcgi. My haskell source was compiled using rutadeltambor.comI and the binary was placed at /srv/http/ to be handled by lighttpd’s mod_fastcgi..

I decided to switch it up and let Warp serve the haskell app directly, then proxy certain urls through to it via lighttpd. Lighttpd rutadeltambor.come. Ask Question. (LigHTTPd) RegExp Rewrite Rules.

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1. Lighttpd rutadeltambor.come-if-not-file in subdir.

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What is Lighttpd Some Variable definition which will make chrooting easier. Add the corresponding variable in the chroot example aswell.
Quick News Home Lighttpd Reverse Proxy This site was previously served via lighttpd using fastcgi. My haskell source was compiled using Network.
Recent Entries This walkthrough will guide you through how to create and test a set of rewrite rules for the URL Rewrite Module.

3. .htaccess rewrite specific requests to a sub-directory page. Hot Network Questions How do hackers make the victim access an XSS attack URL?

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