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Modele de business plan site internet fleury

Slides Video Over modele de business plan site internet fleury years, several identity-based cryptosystems using bilinear pairings have been proposed.

modele de business plan site internet fleury

Many schemes, based on bilinear pairings, suffer from key escrow problems and require a secure channel for private key issuance. In this talk, we will discuss on a binding-blinding technique, which can be used for solving the problem of key escrow in identity-based cryptosystem and can help in eliminating the requirement of secure channel for the private key issuance.

Slides Video Severe low-level vulnerabilities abound in today's computer systems, allowing cyber-attackers to remotely gain full control. This happens in big part because our programming languages, compilers, and architectures were designed in an era of scarce hardware resources and too often trade off security for efficiency.

The semantics of mainstream low-level languages like C is inherently insecure, and even for safer languages, establishing security with respect to a high-level semantics does not guarantee the absence of low-level attacks. Secure compilation using the coarse-grained protection mechanisms provided by mainstream hardware architectures would be too inefficient for most practical scenarios.

These compilers will provide a secure semantics for all programs and will ensure that high-level abstractions cannot be violated even when interacting with untrusted low-level code. To achieve this level of security without sacrificing efficiency, our secure compilers target a tagged architecture, which associates a metadata tag to each word and efficiently propagates and checks tags according to software-defined rules.

We hope to experimentally evaluate and carefully optimize the efficiency of our secure compilers on realistic workloads and standard benchmark suites.

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We are also using use property-based testing and formal verification to provide high confidence that our compilers are indeed secure. Formally, we are constructing machine-checked proofs of fully abstract compilation and of a new property we call robust compilation, which implies the preservation of safety properties even against an adversarial context.

These strong properties complement compiler correctness and ensure that no machine-code attacker can do more harm to securely compiled components than a component already could with respect to a secure source-level semantics.

Slides Video Many security properties are naturally expressed in terms of indistinguishability. In symbolic protocol models the notion of indistinguishability can be expressed as trace equivalence in a cryptographic process calculus.

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Current automated verification tools are however limited even for a bounded number of sessions: Moreover, the complexity of these algorithms has never been studied.

In this work, we study the complexity of deciding equivalence properties, for several classes of protocols and several equivalences. We disclose vulnerabilities on this design and discuss different repairs.

Throughout, we emphasise on what we believe to be the old and reinforced, as well as the new security requirements and model needed when lifting TLS from the classical 2-party setting to the 3-party one.

Conversely, decentralized architectures helping individuals keep full control of their data, complexify global treatments and queries, impeding the development of innovative services.

In this presentation, we will show how to reconcile individual's privacy on one side and global benefits for the community and business perspectives on the other side.

We promote the idea of pushing the security to secure hardware devices controlling the data at the place of their acquisition. Thanks to these tangible physical elements of trust, secure distributed querying protocols can reestablish the capacity to perform global computations, such as SQL aggregates, without revealing any sensitive information to central servers.

In this presentation, we will show how to secure the execution of such queries in the presence of honest-but-curious and malicious attackers. We will also discuss how the resulting querying protocols can be integrated in a concrete decentralized architecture.

Dans ces cas d'usage particuliers, une autre voie cryptographique est possible: Jeudi 12 Mai14h00, Amphi B IUT Slides Video Binary code analysis is required when you only have access to program's binary code, or when you do not trust the compile chain that you use.

In the last two decades, this field has made big progress but, still, it remains confidential and most of the people will just consider it as classical program analysis.

In fact, binary analysis induces a lot of practical and theoritical problems which are specific to binary code analysis. I will present the context of binary analysis and develop the specific problems that are linked to this topic dynamic jumps, loop unwinding, self-modifying code, Then, I will introduce our intermediate representation microcode and explain our main algorithm to rebuild the control flow of a binary program.

On one hand, security objectives require that assets third party IP, secure boot, DRM key… remain confidential throughout the SoC life-cycle.


On the other hand, the test circuitry and the SoC trace-based debug architecture expose values of internal signals that can leak the assets to third-parties. The inherent capability of test and debug instruments to observe the operating state of the SoC can be leveraged as a backdoor for attacks.

In this talk, we show the different kinds of attacks which can be mounted based on these features through the whole SoC life cycle from production to software application debug. We then present different countermeasures which aims at protecting assets belonging to the different stakeholders IC designer, SoC integrator, Software developers….

Finally, we show how this circuitry dedicated to test and debug can be leverage on purpose during mission mode to offer security services to the software developers.


Jeudi 3 Mars14h00, Amphi B IUT Slides Video Symbolic Execution is a recent and fruitful approach to automatic code-based test generation, having already detected many acknowledged bugs in several classes of software, such as drivers or media readers. Then, solving the path predicate yields input that effectively cover the path, and enumerating over all bounded paths allows for a systematic exploration of the program behaviors.

This talk intends to give an overview of Symbolic Execution and of its applications to software testing and security. First, we will present the key ideas and algorithms behind the technique, as well as the current state of the art.

Jeudi 4 Fevrier14h00, Amphi B IUT Slides Video Formal, symbolic techniques for modelling and automatically analyzing security protocols are extremely successful and were able to discover many security flaws.- Elaborer un plan de communication de crise intégrant un plan de recherche d'information et une cartographie des parties prenantes de la Business Unit D.A.T.

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