Persuasive essay about extracurricular activities

But other students who are not financially strapped also choose to get jobs. Try to pursue something related to your future interests. Some students may also choose to do an internship over the summer, and this can be a great addition to your extracurricular list.

Persuasive essay about extracurricular activities

Teen Job Guidance Should young people combine education with work? Why is it important to work being a student? It does not worth mentioning that it is very difficult to work when you study at high school or college.

Nevertheless, many students manage to balance their work with the curriculum and various extracurricular activities.

Persuasive essay about extracurricular activities

Although work consumes much energy and time, it is useful to have at least a part-time job, because it provides you with experience and money. Persuasive essay about extracurricular activities are different points of about this relevant topic; therefore, I will try to observe it closer.

Many people say that teenagers should not work being at high school, because they waste their time.

Persuasive Essay on Teenage Jobs – Teen Job Section

Young people could have spent this time on reading and self-improvement. Moreover, they feel tired and their current progress reduces.

Many students have to wake up at 4 am in order to cope with their duties at work. Then they have their classes and continue their work after school. Naturally, it is hard to devote time to homework and various activities when you want to have a short rest.

Finally, the opponents of teenage jobs claim that work deprives teenagers of their childhood. A part-time job opens wide opportunities to every teenager. When a teenager has a job when is a student, it helps him become independent, ambitious, experienced, responsible and professional.

To begin with, when one works, he receives money. Consequently, he becomes financially independent. It is very important to become at least partially independent of your family.

You are able to purchase the things you want and you do not need to ask your parents to give you money. Furthermore, you can understand the actual value of money.

If you work hard, you realize that you will not waste your money on various useless items. You will think twice before spending your wages. Secondly, a teenager gets priceless experience when he combines work with education. In my opinion, it is easier to become a professional when you fulfil practical tasks.

High school provides students with the theoretical knowledge, which cannot be compared with the real life situations. You will definitely develop your communicative and professional skills when you have a part-time job. High school will not provide you with the chance to communicate with your colleagues about various serious and relevant matters.

When you study the basics of business, it is easier to understand its elements at the workplace.

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You are able to learn about the structure of a firm when you exist within its walls and communicate with other employees of different levels.

You can get to know about management, logistics, marketing, etc. This knowledge is very valuable. It helps you develop your skills and broadens your outlook. When you are involved into the definite activity, you want to know about it more.

Consequently, you will learn about the process of production of hamburgers if you work at a fast food restaurant and get to know about the production of various periodicals if your duty is the delivery of newspapers.

Next, a part-time job helps students understand the realities of adulthood. It is useful to understand that human life is full of challenges at the earliest age. Young people should get used to making money as soon as possible. They ought to realize that their parents will not support them all the time.

They should support their living in order to become independent and responsible citizens. A job helps a teenager become responsible for his decisions, solutions and actions.

Finally, a part-time job helps one train his character. For example, one should not be afraid of losing his workplace. When you get used to changing your workplace in adolescence frequently, you will not suffer from depression when you are fired.

You will simply start looking for another job.Persuasive essay on extracurricular activities Someone help and students, explains the topic: extracurricular activities in extra curriculars that i will benefit all levels.

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Persuasive essay about extracurricular activities

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