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In the last year, more than a million people arrived in Europe in need of our help, and our response, frankly, has been pathetic.

Refugee youth project

In this context, Refugee Rights Europe RRE deployed a field research team to Brussels to conduct new research regarding the situation for refugees and displaced people there.

Since the so-called EU-Turkey Statement was signed in Marchthousands have found themselves trapped in Lesvos whilst overcrowding intensifies and living conditions worsen.

In this context, Refugee Rights Europe set out to investigate and document the situation in Paris, building on our pilot study from January The research findings are outlined in this report. La recherche a eu lieu du 27 au 30 janvier Inthe British Home Office made a decision to switch contractual provision of asylum housing from a number of smaller providers to six regional contracts.

It would be run by private Refugee youth project, with little to no previous experience administrating asylum accommodation. In this context, Refugee Rights Europe set out to investigate and document the situation of asylum accommodation in one of the main asylum seeker accommodation centres in London, on January The research findings are based on interviews with 33 individuals, and are outlined in this report.

In this context, Refugee Rights Europe sent a research delegation to Ventimiglia from Augustto document and shed light on the situation there. The research findings, based on interviews with refugees and displaced people, highlight detrimental living conditions coupled with police violence and dangerous border crossings, creating a situation characterised by chronic insecurity and extensive mental and physical health concerns.

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The research found that the continued arrival of refugees from conflict-ridden countries has led to chronic overcrowding while charities, NGOs and UN bodies are struggling to provide some of the most basic services required.

Our team of researchers conducted semi-structured interviews in Arabic, Dari, English, Kurdish, and Pashto, to capture the lived experiences of individuals — primarily those over the age of Six Months On investigates the issues that both adults and minors face, including police and citizen violence, and an absence of legal advice.

However, there remain a number of problem areas which must be urgently addressed. The study was undertaken in Berlin from December and January It investigates recent media reports of police violence, and the theft of tents, sleeping bags and blankets by the French authorities and others.

The report is based on interviews with individuals in Paris, conducted in late Januaryin partnership with Paris Refugee Ground Support and Denise Charlton Associates.

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Hidden Struggles examines these issues, and exposes the critical need for more funding and resources to protect women and girls in displacement. The study was conducted in mainland Greece in early Novemberand is based on three different research components: The adversities outlined in this report paint an alarming picture of the context faced by displaced people in Europe, and call for firm and immediate policy action.

Data was collected at seven different camps — predominately in Southern Mainland Greece — as well as a number of squats and community centres in the city.

The report is based on interviews with people living in the camp, approximately 4. Conducted in July and Augustin partnership with the Refugee Info Bus, researchers surveyed camp residents — approximately 6. Less talked about than its larger relative in Calais, the Dunkirk camp is often overlooked.

This report sheds light on living conditions within the smaller camps, and raises serious concerns about human rights infringements and unmet humanitarian standards. Media coverage consistently tends to highlight that the majority of residents in the Calais camp are men and boys, while reports and news stories relating to women and girls in the settlement are few and far between.

This report hence aims to fill some of the information gaps relating to these women. It sheds light on the specific adversities they face, including gender-based violence, a lack of access to reproductive healthcare, and an absence of safety and security, amongst others.


However, due to the unrecognised nature of the settlement in Calais, it has not been subject to the same in-depth analysis. We set out to help fill this gap. Refugee Rights Europe relays the voices of displaced people in Europe, reporting what respondents tell us.

Meanwhile, we have not been able to verify claims through official sources.Within the context of the Home Office re-tendering process for asylum accommodation contracts, Refugee Rights Europe, in collaboration with MEENA Centre for Women and Children and the Baobab Project in Birmingham, set out to investigate asylum accommodation provision for asylum-seeking women in Britain.

A displaced Syrian child carries broomsticks as he walks through a refugee camp in al-Hawl, about nine miles from the Iraqi border in Syria’s northeastern Hassakeh province, on Feb. 1. The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project is the only organization in Arizona that provides free legal and social services to detained men, women, and children under threat of deportation.

For The Nations: Refugee Outreach – Refugee care that changes lives.

Refugee Rights Europe. We are a non-profit project that aims to fill the data gaps relating to refugees and displaced people in Europe. So the modern refugee regime was created in the aftermath of the Second World War by these guys. Its basic aim is to ensure that when a state fails, or worse, turns against its own people, people have somewhere to go, to live in .

Refugee youth project

Here at the forum, we stand by Nottingham's asylum seekers and refugees. We offer advice, support and friendship to the most vulnerable in our society.

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