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Research white papers research white papers

Grocery shoppers have increasingly differing options for how to get food on the table, and each shopper uses a variety of channels. The consumer is in control and on-demand shopper trends are having an impact on in-store purchases and shopping behavior.

Cardlytics took a look at how these changes are shifting food dollars and changing the grocery marketplace. Cardlytics breaks down the spend trends and tips retailers need to know to capture share in the back-to-school season. Download PDF Cardlytics Back to School Spend Trends The back-to-school shopping season is the second largest shopping event of the year, making it a critical time for retailers.

The report highlights four actionable trends impacting the bottom line for retailers. Which Shopping Destination Wins? Online, high streets, or shopping centres - which categories see the most consumer spend?

To find out, Cardlytics used purchase intelligence to analyze spend from over two million consumers across a range of retailers, across London's Oxford Street, Westfield London and online.

The results emphasize that despite the increasing prominence of online retail, bricks and mortar shops still play a crucial role in the retail world. As such, retailers that engage customers across multiple channels will ultimately win more spend. Our Back to School Report looks at how retailers can move to the head of the class by making the most of consumer spending trends.

But, the shift from processed foods has not changed the craving for convenience. Because of this, meal kit delivery services, like Blue Apron, Plated and Hello Fresh, have gained steam. Cardlytics analyzed consumer spending on meal kit services MKS and how those purchases impact spend at traditional and specialty grocery stores, as well as restaurants.

He noted that his performance review is tied directly to the number of programs that he can move from the first slide to the second. So, how did we get here?

And, how can we move toward deterministic measurement to ensure we are investing in channels, publishers, creatives, and placements that drive the highest return? Tax Season Insights Report Tax season is a mix of opportunities and challenges for retailers. On one hand, many consumers will get a refund - creating a bump in their discretionary spending.

However, consumers who owe will likely adjust spending to account for a payment to Uncle Sam. Treadmill running or CrossFit? Barre classes or spinning?

Research white papers research white papers

Low carb or juice cleanse? There are countless ways to get fit, but which are consumers more likely to stick with? Using our data and the power of purchase intelligence, we looked at how consumers are working out and how their spending habits differ by gym choice.

Download PDF Cardlytics Holiday Retail Report As the holiday shopping season becomes increasingly competitive for retailers, brands need relevant data to plan effective marketing campaigns.

Our unique insight draws data from millions of U.

Research white papers research white papers

Digital marketing teams are held to the KPI of online sales because there is no better alternative measure of impact. It is a management truth that organization reflects assumption, and that we deliver what we are organized to deliver. To most effectively target in-store sales, this assumption needs to change.

This new white paper identifies the value of Whole-Wallet analytics and how to use it to better understand loyal and frequent customers. But whose experience is it changing and to what benefit? They attract young professionals in their 20s and 30s, transitioning through new life stages, and transform these valued customers into engagement superstars.SMG/CMSWire is a leading, native digital publication produced by Simpler Media Group, provide articles, research and events for sophisticated professionals driving digital customer.

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