Strategy of bobbi brown

Brown insists she is not a brand in the flesh.

Strategy of bobbi brown

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Strategy of bobbi brown

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Bobbi Brown Is Back in Charge

Published on April 21, The cosmetics industry isn't known for being transparent. For the most part, its advertising is associated with gorgeous glam shots that have -- more likely than not -- been subjected to a bit of Photoshopping.

Bobbi Brown, however, is taking a different approach for its latest campaign. The brand is putting its makeup up to some rigorous, real-world testing -- on the faces of extreme sports athletes.

To promote its new Long-Wear eye collection, the brand recently named four GoPro-sponsored athletes as its brand ambassadors: As part of the program, the company asked the women to capture themselves on video wearing products from the line while in the midst of their athletic adventures.

Rodriguez said she and her team didn't ask the athletes to make overt commercial plugs, but to "tell your story, how you push your limits, what makes you feel the most confident, and talk about the role of beauty in your lives.

There were no storyboards or script. The brand will also be featuring the videos, as well as photos of the athletes on social media via BobbiBrown and LongwearLifeproof.

The athletes will be sharing the content on their own social media accounts as well juliamancuso, hannahteter, keliamoniz and mancinoroberta.

As for what inspired the campaign, "Bobbi has always had an affinity for athletes," Ms. We've always been looking for a way to partner with athletes that didn't feel like pay for play. Indeed, there's no sense of hard sell in the films -- the makeup feels like a fun complement to each athlete's rigorous, high-octane feats on the surf, snow or in the sky.

The brand is rolling out the athlete's individual videos this week, with a big social push over the next three weeks. In the fourth week, Bobbi Brown will open the campaign up to consumers, providing Long-Wear makeup lessons via short Instagram videos and inviting the audience to share its stories.

Rodriguez, this is the first time a prestige cosmetics brand has allowed its ambassadors to have creative control of the content. They had a relationship with the brand prior to being official ambassadors, and we felt like we didn't have anything to lose.

There wasn't anyone who could tell their stories better than they could.While Bobbi Brown had the fewer amount of total mentions, those mentions had a high sentiment level with 46% of the mentions registering as positive and only 5% registering as negative.

The company has a portfolio of well established brands such as Aramis, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Tommy Hilfiger,, Donna Karan and Smash box among others. Some product lines such as Clinique and Bobbi Brown specialize in manufacturing cosmetics while other such as Donna Karan and Tommy Hilfiger specialize in a whole range of products including.

Bobbi believes “makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.” This ethos carries through into everything they do, the Pretty Powerful campaign being a great example of this, using images of her friends to be the faces for their new campaign.

BOBBI BROWN – NEW EYEWEAR LAUNCH. BOBBI BROWN – NEW EYEWEAR LAUNCH. Robin Scheer Ettinger | Consulting. RSE; Accommodations The Attic Loft The Country Annex The Marketing - Branding - Strategy.

Tell us what you think! We are constantly working to raise the bar on our services. If you have any questions or concerns about your experience. In , Brown married singer Whitney Houston, with whom he had daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.

The couple starred in the reality show Being Bobby Brown. The couple divorced in Bobby Brown's musical influences spark from artists such as Rick James, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and Prince.

Bobbi Brown’s retail strategy is based on physical interaction. The brand creates a sense of authenticity by putting an expert front-and-centre. There’s the sense that the customer is buying into the skills associated with that name, and that the products will help achieve that.

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