The effects of the actions of female celebrities on teenage girls

Dysmorphiaa condition in which there is dissatisfaction with body appearance, is on the rise as your teen struggles to reach perfection. In fact, in a study by the Keep It Real Campaign, 80 percent of all year-old, American girls have been on a diet. Because the body changes dramatically in adolescence, teens are often self-conscious and embarrassed. Self-criticism has become a fluid part of online media, with your teen using their online friends for validation, acceptance, and judgement.

The effects of the actions of female celebrities on teenage girls

Particularly on body image. New technologies are increasingly popular and access to all kind of information is easier than ever. There is also more and more convincing evidence that media messages and images have harmful effects on children. One point particularly analyzed is celebrity culture vehicle through the media and the effect on body image.

Unrealistic and unhealthy media portrayals of female sexuality can lead young girls to feel insecure about their own bodies. Body image usually refers to how someone thinks about his or her physical appearance and the person feels about it.

However, it is not celebrity influence that may be negative but the way the media frames it and presents it as an ideal that must be achieved. While celebrity obsession is not something new, the increasing popularity of reality TV shows and social media among the younger generation turns them into an easily influenced target.

Celebrities are followed on Twitter and Instagram by millions of followers.

Obsessed with celebrity Whether real or staged, the hurling of insults and aggressive behaviour dominated mainstream press coverage of the ceremony surely much to the delight of MTV.

They self-document their lives, which is in turn romanticized by the media and idealized by the youngest generation. Young girls are deluged by images of skinny models and young boys are exposed to unrealistic ideals of body shapes.

Body image and sexuality The American Psychological Association estimated that teens are exposed to about 14, references to sex each year in movies and other media. Most of these references fail to mention birth control, risk of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and other sexual-health related facts.

Music videos contain more sex per minute than any competing genre in the industry. TV shows and movies make it seem normal for teenagers to have sex and thus it gives them a misrepresented conception of reality.

Unrealistic and unhealthy portrayals of female sexuality can lead young girls to feel insecure about their own bodies. It could provoke fears in them of being unattractive and lead them to extreme dieting.

Celebrities can promote healthy eating habits and exercise.Apr 21,  · The Effect of Social Media in Young Girls I believe that young girls need to learn how to perceive and react to social media, pop culture and entertainment in a more positive way.

Popular celebrities are always shown on the covers of magazines and on television for teens to view. They look glamorous and beautiful, causing teens to want to be like them. Many teenagers look up to these role models but most of these popular "beauties" affect teens negatively.

The Effects of Celebrity Role Models on Kids and Teens By Eliza Martinez ; Updated September 26, it can also have harmful effects if your child chooses a celebrity with less than stellar behavior. Understanding the impact a celebrity can have on your child's life is an important way to help him steer clear of making poor decisions just.

Based on a recent Newsweek poll, 77% of Americans believe that celebrities have too much of an influence on young girls. This effect . Apr 10,  · Girl Survives Murder Attempt By Teenage Boys - Crime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen - Duration: Crime Watch Daily Recommended for you.

10 Teen Celebrity Role Models for Kids For better or for worse, we're living in the age of the celebrity. But, the good news is, with platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, celebrities don't have to come in the traditional sense of the word.

The effects of the actions of female celebrities on teenage girls
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