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Investment Partnerships Red River sponsors investment partnerships to acquire and operate value-add and core-plus real estate properties. Red River has a comprehensive approach for potential acquisitions. We build a thorough investment thesis for each asset, with each thesis involving a deep understanding of acquisition, asset management and disposition fundamentals.

Thesis asset

History[ edit ] When the equity market bubble burst, in the early s, companies in many industrial countries cut down on borrowing funds to finance their capital expenditures. They began running financial surpluses that they lent Thesis asset other sectors of the economy. He suggested a number of valid reasons including "increased levels of economic uncertainty", Thesis asset competition, especially in the information technology sector" and "financing of research and development".

Kliesen also argued that another reason for cash hoarding in the U. NFCS firms, suggesting they may be taking advantage of low interests rates, and saving this cash as unused financial assets for future use. They concluded that the "monopoly power of Japanese banks" persuaded non-financial corporations to hold larger cash balances.

Firms might take fewer risks in countries with bank-centered governance but "banks' incentives might not coincide with those of shareholders". NFCS firms' rationale behind increasing cash holdings and restrained capital expenditures is most often linked to policy uncertainty.

The Policy Uncertainty Index was elevated at that time. Asset prices, particularly house prices, in nearly two dozen countries accordingly moved dramatically higher. A "current account deficit means that a country is spending more than it is producing".

He argued that NFCS firms continued to be restrained in terms of capital expenditure for a variety of reasons. Equipment and software prices have dropped since allowing them to purchase more with less. In the United States, there is an oversupply of capital stock which includes physical capital, office space, plants and equipment in the U.

Existing capital is not depreciating rapidly and firms are running under capacity. They channeled resources to the financial account and asset liquidity, away from capital expenditures. Developing countries became net lenders on capital markets[ edit ] Developing countries became net lenders on capital markets.

United States and other advanced economies became net borrowers. University of California, Berkeley economist Obstfeld observed, that Bernanke and other proponents of the global saving glut account of the —09 crisis argued that large surpluses by China and other GSG countries had adverse effects on richer countries' current accounts and financial markets.

Capital flowing into the United States increased the value of the dollar making the imports of the US cheap in terms of dollars and exports expensive in terms of foreign currenciescreating a rising US current account deficit. The Lucas paradox[ edit ] In Robert Lucas' classical paradox described in the article entitled "Why doesn't capital flow from rich to poor countries?

For example, in in India, a poorer country at that time, the marginal product of capital should have been 58 greater than in the United States, a richer nation.

Lucas did not observe such flows. Lucas argued that the central question of economic development should be to replace these assumptions.

Probably the most renowned boom-and-bust cycle was the surge of private capital flows to emerging markets during the 90's that ended with a succession of crises, starting with Mexico in and then touching East Asian countries in —, Russia inBrazil inArgentina and Turkey in The following boom to emerging markets during the 's was again interrupted by a sudden reversal of capital flows during the global financial crisis following the Lehmann Brothers collapse in Since capital flows to emerging markets are again at historical heights.

Thesis asset

This highly cyclical nature of capital flows and the increased frequency of financial crashes have cast questions about the process of financial globalisation—i.

You can help by adding to it. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. January In an open economya country's spending in any given year need not to equal its output of goods and services. A country can spend more money than it produces by borrowing from abroad, or it can spend less than it produces and lend the difference to foreigners.

Financial Post journalist Philip Cross argued that "It is the job of companies to make money for their shareholders, not to put money to work.This post is by Owain Johnstone.

Owain recently submitted his PhD thesis in Socio-Legal Studies at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford University. His research explores the role of the British state in influencing the social construction of 'human trafficking' since the first English law was introduced on the topic in the early s.

He. Jul 27,  · The Thesis Chesapeake’s announcement of the $2-billion sale of its Utica assets drove BofA's upgrade, Leggate said in the Friday upgrade note. (See the analyst's track record here.). At Thesis, we manage individual investment portfolios for our clients, and develop relationships with professionals in financial advice, law, accountancy and tax to .

Emerging Markets: Revisiting the Investment Thesis in an Era of Debt. the principal thesis for investing in emerging markets should focus upon the improved flexibility and stronger balance sheet position that most of these nations now enjoy.

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Thesis asset

Co. Reg. No. R is a holder of a Capital. This thesis addresses two research questions: (i) the predictability of equity returns and (ii) the variations of optimal asset allocations, within a multi-stage stochastic programming framework, with respect to the statistical modeling of returns.

First Majestic announced last month that it's acquiring struggling Primero Mining and its San Dimas mine in Mexico.

The new stream is far more favorable for First Majestic.

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