To protect our planet

Helping Protect our Planet! Mike May 8, Tweet As scuba divers, free divers or snorkelers we are privileged to enjoy the beautiful marine environment, however we are also at the front line witnessing changes to it as the years go by.

To protect our planet

Considering the whole span of earthly time, the opposite effect, in which life actually modifies its surroundings, has been relatively slight.

To protect our planet

Only within the moment of time represented by the present century has one species -man- acquired significant power to alter the nature of his world. If not, continue reading. Also, according to the CDC, water pollution can lead to gastrointestinal illness, reproductive problems, and neurological disorders.

To heal ourselves we must heal our planet, and to heal our planet we must heal ourselves. Yes, global warming and climate change are real. We us humans are largely responsible for them because our activities have caused a continual increase in greenhouse gas concentrations.

According to the EPA, the change in greenhouse gas concentrations causes warming To protect our planet warming and affects the climate climate change. Climate change may affect human health, agriculture, water resources, forests, wildlife, and coastal areas.

But the fact is, the 12 hottest years on record have all come in the last Heat waves, droughts, wildfires, and floods—all are now more frequent and intense. We can choose to believe that Superstorm Sandy, and the most severe drought in decades, and the worst wildfires some states have ever seen were all just a freak coincidence.

So, what type of world do you want to leave for your future family? Future generations may face dangers due to problems caused by us.

You should make sacrifices and do something to prevent it from happening. President 4 Biodiversity is important Biodiversity refers to the variety of plants, animals, and other living things in our world.

According to the EPA, it can be negatively influenced by natural forces and human activities. Food, water, shelter, and air. There are natural processes that have been formed by various species to provide or affect these necessities.

If something happens to a certain organism, an unwanted chain reaction may occur. That may lead to a loss of biodiversity, which may negatively affect our necessities. The greater the diversity of life, the greater the opportunity for discoveries that could make our world a much better place.

It gives us clean air, clean water, beautiful landscapes, breathtaking views, and the list goes on… We take so much from nature, but what do we give in return?

The least we can do is show our appreciation by protecting and preserving our environment. Well, at least until Elon Musk builds an economical and efficient way for us to get to another planet. Some of the most common ways are the three Rs: No matter how small or insignificant your actions may seem, they matter.

It only takes one person to start a movement that could possibly lead to a major environmental breakthrough. Are you going to be that person?Protect Our Planet (POP) is an initiative designed to address the urgent need to share information and knowledge with youth on solutions to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) adopted by the UN, mitigate climate change and adapt to its growing imp.

As divers we enjoy what our water have to offer us, but we also need to give back as much as we can to protect it. By taking part in any Citizen Science project we are helping preserve the planet for our future generations to enjoy.

To protect our planet Essay Sample. We just do not do enough to protect our planet. The temperatures are rising; the sea levels rise as well, and now there are many places that could simply disappear. Mar 14,  · We can hold one issue to rule over all others. "Protecting the planet" for example.

But even a shallow analysis will reveal that what we are really discussing is protecting our environment and lifestyle for our Resolved. Help Us Be the Change and Protect the Planet It is no secret we live in a consumer driven society, but our decision to use sustainable disposable products will hopefully aid in the change.

We have eliminated Styrofoam and polystyrene. Protect Our Planet, Protect Ourselves, a global day of action and music to address climatechange, hosted by former US Vice President Al Gore.

Fossil fuels are one of the biggest threats to public health worldwide. They’re driving the.

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