Tsc business plan

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Tsc business plan

This process applies to all: Postal Service technology solutions that require a production change to software code, data, or batch tsc business plan processing. These include, but are not limited to: All services including network, server, and mainframe to be deployed in the Postal Service Technical Environment.

All maintenance releases for services and technology solutions to be operable in the Postal Service Technical Environment; maintenance releases include hardware, software, network, and database management system DBMS upgrades. Other types of technology solutions may be required to follow the TSLC depending on the nature and scope of the change.

Follow the Certification and Accreditation Process. For security-related processes and artifacts, follow the Certification and Accreditation Process as described in the ASA. The business owner customer develops the BNS to define the business objective and business value of the Technology Solution.

The BNS outlines what is considered in scope, out of scope, and any business assumptions. At a high level, this document will outline business interfaces and functions, reports, and any other information that will help the Technology Service Providers TSPs to determine the scope of the TSLC Requirements and Design processes.

For additional information, see the Master Release Inventory Template. All BNS documents must be collected and prioritized during the Tollgate meeting. The business owner customer contacts the BRM PM to request an estimate on cost and schedule before requirements and design are completed.

The more detailed the requirements, the better the ROM estimate. ROMs are used for estimating budgets and for providing business owners customers with a quick idea on the magnitude of an effort. If the business owner customer wants to proceed after reviewing the ROM Estimate, continue with the remaining steps.

Develop Initial Project Plan. The project plan includes all TSLC processes and deliverables and will include dates completed for all items created in the Initiate and Plan process. All tasks associated with the Technology Solution will be developed in the plan, and this plan will be updated throughout the TSLC.

Obtain Documented Approval and Funding to Proceed. Upon the business owner customer review of the BNS and ROM, the business owner customer decides whether to proceed with the project. If approved to proceed, funding is obtained to support the project.

tsc business plan

If a stakeholder has opted to follow the Tollgate process for the release, the first meeting is the BNS Tollgate during the Initiate and Plan phase.The Plan Administrator is responsible for claims relating to Program administration, such as eligibility and rights under the programs.

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tsc business plan

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Manager and/or TSC Manager prior to the Scope Verification Meeting. Attendees of the • Plan conformance to the MDOT Drafting Standards, that the plans are readable, are organized properly and that their intent is clearly definable.

• Location/limits.

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